Morlaix, Brittany

Every 6 weeks my host family has a 2 week vacation. Its great because I get to travel with them to other parts of France. This trip we went to Morlaix, which is a small town in Brittany and on the west coast of the country.img_9328

This is the house that we stayed at when we weren’t surfing! It is the grandparents house and it was really homey. They have a big yard and huge garden with fresh flowers and all kinds of fruits and vegetables.


Downtown Morlaix is very old. From the small streets and old houses, there is something special around every corner. One of the main things to see in Morlaix is the Roman viaduct.

img_9357 img_9359

Here I am with my host sister. The viaduct is behind us! The top level is for trains and the lower level is for pedestrians.


This is where my host family and I went surfing! The water was cold but we had our wetsuits on. Since Morlaix is on the north side of the coast, this water was the English Channel. We had a great time in Brittany together! See the rest of my trip in Caen, Normandy here.

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