Caen, Normandy

After visiting Morlaix with my host family, I decided to go to Caen on my own. Caen is in Normandy and I wanted to visit the D-Day beaches. My tour started at the Caen Memorial Museum. It had so much to see and read from the end of WWI thru the Cold War.



Part of the Berlin Wall

I spend a good 4 hours re-learning history and seeing artifacts. The next day I took a private tour of the beaches. We went to Point le Hoc, Omaha Beach, the American Cemetery and the artificial harbor of Arromanches.


Looking at the landscape you can see all the creators from bombings


Omaha Beach


After visiting WWII sites for two days, I finally was able to spend some time in downtown Caen.


This is the Abbaye aux Femmes and it is 950 years old!


This is the Abbaye l’hommes and it holds the tomb of William the Conqueror. img_9614

I was also able to see the Caen Chateau. It was built by William the Conqueror.

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