Rome is the most famous city in Italy. It was the last stop on my Italian tour and I saw many new sites!


The first place I visited was the Colosseum.  This structure was the largest amphitheater ever built and could hold up to 80,000 people!


Statues were also among the ruins in the Colosseum


Inside the Colosseum


North of the Colosseum is the Capitoline Wolf. This statue on the right is a She-Wolf feeding two young boys. Legend has it that these two boys, Romulus and Remus, built Rome.


Capitoline Wolf


One reason Rome is so famous is because of the Catholic Church. Here I am in the middle of St. Peters Square, which is the center of the Vatican City.IMG_5207

I climbed to the top of the Dome and saw great views of Rome!


A full view of St. Peters Square!


Just east of the Vatican is a 2nd century castle. The Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the highest buildings in Rome. It was built for Roman Emperor Hadrian and his family, but then used for priests. Today it is a museum. IMG_5217 IMG_5230

The last place I visited was the Trevi Fountain. It is a must see because, it is said, you will return to Rome if you throw a coin into the fountain!IMG_5231

I guess I will be back…

What is your favorite site in Rome?

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